Our Story

After Pastor Raja graduated from Bible College in Coimbatore, South India, he worked as a warden with orphan children for 3 or 4 years.  There the Lord gave him a vision that his future ministry would involve starting an orphanage for the poor, parentless children. 

In 1998 this came true when a lady brought two children to Pastor Raja. She had found them on the roadside in Bangalore.  She asked Pastor Raja and his wife Jebasheela to keep these children in their house but after 3 months nobody had come in search of them. Gradually more children came or were brought to them until there were 25 children needing care and support.  This was a tremendous drain on their meagre resources and meant great sacrifices were required.

Mike and Shona meet Pastor Raja and Jeeasheela

In January 2004 while in Bangalore, Mike Ewan met Pastor Raja and his wife.  They were in a difficult situation trying to care for these orphan children without sufficient means of financial support and their ministry was under threat. The orphanage was about to close.  Mike believed that God had brought them together and so began to help them as best he and Shona could. 



Orphanage and churchAfter another visit in 2005, the Rabboni Mercy Trust was set up. The aim is to provide sponsorship for the children and the needs of the orphanage.  The Trust has been able to help purchase the property that the family were living in, and provide funds for a school bus to transport the children.


It also provides money on a monthly basis for food, clothes and education for the 30 children now in their care.


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