You can make a difference

Even a little help, whether it is a small investment of our time or our money, can make an enormous difference to these children’s lives.  We invite you to join us as we seek to support this valuable ministry.

Read some of the stories of those helped already.


How you can help

We operate a sponsorship scheme for the children and more sponsors are required. 

Since Pastor Raja and Jebasheela are already functioning as parents to these children, the Trust has decided on family sponsorship at a unit cost per child, rather than direct one to one sponsorship of the children.  This ensures continuity for the whole family.

The cost of sponsoring each child is £20 per month and money given for this purpose will be used for the benefit of the children and the costs of their food, clothing, medical expenses, education etc. 

See how you can sponsor the children or make a donation to the Trust

sponsor me

Would you consider sponsoring me and my friends? Thank you.







From time to time we organise a team to visit Pastor Raja, Jebasheela and  the children in the Rabboni Mercy Orphanage in Bangalore.  Such teams have been a great encouragement to the Family and the children. But invariably such visits are a great blessing to those who travel and lead to life-long friendships and fellowship.

One team member described their visit as
“the most worthwhile experience of my life.”
He went on to explain, 
“I was truly inspired by the hard work and devotion of Pastor Raja and Jebasheela and amazed at the way the orphanage functions with the love and care of a large extended family.”

If you would like to be part of such a team in the future please let us know.


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Above all, pray for us. This is not merely a social programme but a spiritual battle. Pray for Pastor Raj and Jebasheela and their own children; pray for the staff members and the orphans; pray for the daily practical needs; pray for us as we try to support the Orphanage ministry and pray for God to be glorified in all things.