John's story



John has now completed his general education, and would like to study for Christian ministry in the future.

"I praise God at this time that he has given me a good opportunity to share my story with you all... I stand as a young man, but many of you may not know that I came here as a 3 year old boy to this Rabboni Mercy Orphanage.  At this time I was forsaken by my father.  He left my mother and went away with another lady.  I with my 2 brothers and 2 sisters came here...

It is because of the hardship and great tears and struggle of my aya* and mummy* and their prayers that I am standing as a tenth standard student in front of you all... They made great sacrifices that I and many others may have a bright future... I also thank God with my whole heart for those who are supporting us with kind arms and prayers to  this Rabboni Mercy Orphanage.  And I pray for them and request them to support this ministry with children  for generation after generation.”

*Aya and mummy are the affectionate names by which Pastor Raja and Jebasheela are known by the children
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